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Where to go for a date in Da Nang? When you come to this “livable city” where should you go for memorable and romantic dates? Let A La Mer suggest you the romantic place to impress your loved one!

1. Famous bridges in Da Nang – A romantic place to check-in

Da Nang is famous for having the most bridges in Vietnam. These bridges are familiar tourist destinations in Da Nang. Moreover, they are also ideal romantic place for many couples. With impressive and grand designs, these bridges sparkle even more at night.

a lar mer goi y dia diem hen ho da nang - cau rong da nang
Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Unique bridges in Da Nang have become symbols of love stories for couples. And if you’re looking for a special dating spot with a “Da Nang check-in” view, then A La Mer recommends these 2 famous bridges to make your date more memorable:

  • Dragon Bridge Da Nang
  • Love Bridge Da Nang

2. Food tour to explore the cuisine of Da Nang’s markets

The traditional markets in Da Nang have become attractive destinations for tourists due to the diversity of the “food paradise.” Famous markets include Con Market, Han Market, and Son Tra Night Market, where rows of stalls are neatly arranged. Various and eye-catching products and dishes are displayed here. You can find all the specialties of Da Nang and the Central region here.

Entering the food area of the market, you will be immersed in an attractive space. The dishes are arranged on both sides of the aisle, and the tempting aroma makes diners unable to resist.

A La Mer suggest a romantic place for couples - Explore the cuisine of Da Nang's markets
Explore the cuisine of Da Nang’s markets

This is a must-visit place if you and your partner want to enjoy the flavors of Da Nang. Try dishes like “bánh canh,” “mỳ quảng,” avocado ice cream, dried beef salad, jackfruit salad… with your loved one!

3. Poetic beaches – Unmissable romantic place for couples

  1. Beaches are the most preferred confession spots in Da Nang for couples. With blue sea, white sand, golden sun, it’s no wonder that the beach is an ideal dating place for couples.

At sunrise, as the sun slowly rises, it shines its first rays onto the sea. Your partner gives you a kiss and a sweet proposal amidst the natural scenery. That will surely be an unforgettable memory in your life.

A La Mer hoi y dia diem hen ho da nang - bien My Khe Da Nang
My Khe Beach

There are 3 most popular beaches in Da Nang. Famous for its pristine beauty and romantic scenery. You can choose to experience with your loved one:

  • Non Nuoc Beach
  • Nam O Beach
  • My Khe Beach

4. Date with your loved one at Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is just under 10km from the center of Da Nang. This is an attractive destination for couples because of its wonderful natural beauty. With pristine beaches, covered by primeval forests, this is a place for those who love to explore and love nature.

A La Mer hoi y dia diem hen ho da nang - Ban dao Son Tra
Son Tra Peninsula

You can explore landmarks such as Ban Co Peak, Tien Sa Beach, Black Rock Beach, or Buddha Beach. If you want to find peace, you can visit Linh Ung Pagoda, a famous spiritual tourist destination.

Son Tra Peninsula is not only an ideal dating spot but also an interesting destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

5. Romantic dining at Da Nang

Restaurants are the ideal space for couples to meet and enjoy sweet moments together. It’s an opportunity to learn more about each other’s culinary preferences and also a chance to discuss and share by the warm glow of golden candles.

Is this the date you’ve always dreamed of? To turn your dream into reality, try exploring A La Mer Restaurant.

Ăn BBQ tại A La Mer
A La Mer – A romantic restaurant for couples

A La Mer with elegant and sophisticated Western architecture. Spacious space with lots of greenery. From here, you can admire the romantic sunrise over the beach. A La Mer Restaurant promises to bring a gentle, cozy, intimate atmosphere for your dinner.

Watching sun rise from A La Mer

A La Mer Restaurant

These destinations will bring you moments of joy and relaxation. At the same time, they also create a private space for you and your loved one to express sincere love to each other. Hopefully, you will have beautiful moments in this “livable city”!

>>> Don’t forget to make a reservation at A La Mer Restaurant Da Nang to experience the ideal romantic date with your loved one!

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